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Life in the pond

Life In The Pond
Family singer Roger Chapman's new solo album, Life In The Pond, through Ruf Records is out now.
Life In The Pond, Chappo's first studio outing since 2009's Hide Go Seek, reunites him with faces from his past – including Family's Poli Palmer as co-writer/producer and guest guitar from Procol Harum's Geoff Whitehorn, while connecting the dots between his early influences and taking the pulse of modern life.
"There’s nostalgia for the different musical styles that influenced my life,” says Chapman. “American rock from the ’50s to now. British R‘n’B from the ’60s, like Georgie Fame, the Stones, Zoot Money. Folk. Blues. Motown. Stax. Blue Note jazz. Classical. Americana. Country. A whole mess of influences. Mostly it’s anger at politicians that’s kept me fired up. But I’m also influenced by daily happenings, world news, people, acquaintances. It’s all in the lyrics.”
Since Hide Go Seek Chapman was involved in an extensive Family reunion which ran from 2013 to 2016. The band won the Grand Design award at that year's Progressive Music Awards for Once Upon A Time: a definitive Family compilation, gathering the band’s entire catalogue – including outtakes, alternative versions and rarities found in Chappo’s loft – on a 14-disc boxset.

Roger Chapman: Life In The Pond
1. Dark Side Of The Stairs
2. Playtime Is Over
3. Nightmare #5
4. Rabbit Got The Gun
5. After The Rain
6. Having Us A Honeymoon
7. Snake
8. On Lavender Heights
9. Green As Guacamole (GAG)
10. Collar Turned Up
11. Naughty Child

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